Nag fortran library routine document s18aef


Keyword Search:. A point release such as You must know which implementationwhich precision and which mark and revision of the Library you are using or intend to use. All users both familiar or unfamiliar with this Library who are thinking of using a routine from it, are asked to please follow these instructions: a read How to Use the NAG Library and its Documentation as it provides valuable background information; b select an appropriate chapter or routine by using the online Keyword and GAMS Search ; c read the relevant Chapter Introduction ; d choose a routine, and read the routine document.

If the routine does not after all meet your needs, return to step b ; e read the Users' Note for your implementation this contains instructions on how to compile and run a program ; f consult local documentation, which should be provided by your local support staff, about access to the Library on your computing system; g obtain a copy of the example program see Section 4.

You should now be in a position to include a call to the routine in a program, and to attempt to compile and run it. You may of course need to refer back to the relevant documentation in the case of difficulties, for advice on assessment of results, and so on.

As you become familiar with the Library, some of steps a to g can be omitted, but it is useful to keep up to date with the following documents as they are subject to change: How to Use the NAG Library and its Documentation ; the Chapter Introduction ; the routine document ; the Users' Note for your implementation.

The NAG Library is a comprehensive collection of routines for the solution of numerical and statistical problems. The Library is divided into chapterseach devoted to a branch of numerical analysis or statistics.

Each chapter has a three-character name and a title, e. Exceptionally, Chapters H and S have one-character names. All documented routines in the Library have six-character names, beginning with the characters of the chapter name, e. Note that the second and third characters are digitsnot letters; e. The name in brackets is the equivalent double precision BLAS name.

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Details regarding these alternate names can be found in the relevant Chapter Introductions. Some routines in the Library may be classified as experimental. These routines will be flagged by a note at the top of the documentation. The routine will have been designed in such a way as to minimize the number of such changes.

Routines classified as experimental have gone through the same testing and review processes as a normal Library routine, however it is recommended that additional care is taken when using the routine.A thread has its own registers, stack and process resources. Threads provide a convenient way of allowing an application to maximise its usage of CPU resources in a system, especially in a multiple processor configuration. The remainder of this document describes thread safety within the context of the NAG Library and provides guidelines for calling Library routines from multithreaded applications.

This is because such constructs define data that may be shared by different threads, perhaps leading to unwanted interactions between them: for example, the possibility that one thread may be modifying the contents of a COMMON block at the same time as another thread is reading it.

You are therefore advised to use such constructs with great care and to avoid their use wherever possible within multithreaded applications. At Mark 20 of the NAG Library the thread safe provision was significantly enhanced by a eliminating unsafe constructs wherever possible to make the majority of routines safe for use in multithreaded applications; b providing equivalent thread safe routines with the same functionality where complete removal of unsafe constructs would affect interface design.

Two approaches have been taken to provide thread safe equivalents; see Section 2. At subsequent Marks of the NAG Library, the list of potentially thread unsafe routines will be reduced as these routines are replaced by thread safe equivalents. Within a small number of Marks there will be no potentially thread unsafe routines in the Library.

At Marks 21 and 22 of the NAG Library two approaches have been taken to provide thread safe equivalents to routines containing unsafe constructs. In the first approach a close connection between the original routine and the thread safe equivalent can be maintained, allowing the two routines to appear as a pair and share the same root name.

In the second approach more fundamental changes in interface design have been made such that the correspondence between a routine and its thread safe equivalent cannot be maintained through the root name.

Each routine in the pair has exactly the same functionality, except that one of them has additional parameters in order to make it safe for use in multithreaded applications. Such pairs are documented via one routine document.

Some Library routines require you to supply a routine and to pass the name of the routine as an actual argument in the call to the Library routine.

However, there remain some Library routines for which you may need to supply your provided routine with more information than can be given via the interface argument list.

You are advised to check, in the relevant chapter introduction, whether the Library routines you intend to call have equivalent reverse communication interfaces. These have been designed specifically for problems where user-supplied routine interfaces are not flexible enough for a given problem, and their use should eliminate the need to provide data through COMMON blocks. Where reverse communication interfaces are not available, it is usual to define a COMMON block containing the required data in the supplied routine and also in the calling program.

It is threadsafe to do this only if no data referenced in the defined COMMON block is updated thus avoiding the possibility of simultaneous modification by different threads. Where separate calls are made to a Library routine by different threads and these calls require different data sets to be passed through COMMON blocks to user-supplied routines, these routines and the COMMON blocks defined within them must have different names.

In these cases, use of thread-unsafe features within the user-supplied routines should be avoided wherever possible, and care should be taken to ensure any usage of IUSER and RUSER is undertaken in a thread-safe manner.

If they cannot be avoided entirely, you are advised to contact NAG for assistance on how to manage possible data dependencies within shared data structures. These routines use the SAVE statement to retain the values of the current unit numbers between calls. It is therefore not advisable for different threads of a multithreaded program to set the message unit numbers to different values. A consequence of this is that error or advisory messages output simultaneously may become garbled, and in any event there is no indication of which thread produces which message.Compost them for your garden.

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nag fortran library routine document s18aef

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nag fortran library routine document s18aef

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nag fortran library routine document s18aef

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